Termination / Exclusion

  1. The program is valid for an indefinite period, program begins with the announcement of its launch. The organizer reserves the right to suspend or terminate the program at any time with prior notice Partners and Participants, effective following the 30 calendar days from the announcement of the suspension or termination of the Programme;
  2. In case of suspension or termination of the Program:
    1. Partner is required to include information about the suspension or cessation of the Program in your outlet. The information must include specific conditions for the termination of the Programme and the date deadline for the exchange Points for Prizes;
    2. The participant will be notified of the suspension or termination of the Program on valid e-mail address provided by the Participant Registration Form, or information referred to in point. 3.11, if you change your e-mail address by Participant.
    3. The participant will be entitled to exchange the collected points for prizes within 30 calendar days from the date of notification by the Partner of the suspension or termination of the Programme. After this date the Participant shall not be entitled to exchange accumulated points for prizes, and Partner shall not be obliged to exchange for Reward Points unused by the Participant, after this deadline;.
  3. In case of cancellation of the Participant from participation in the Program, the Participant shall submit a written statement of resignation from the outlet Partner Program, which was given Participant registration card. The participant confirms his resignation from the Programme signature on the statement. All gathered so far points Participant's account, the Participant has the right to be exchanged for awards within 30 days of the cancellation of participation in the Program;