1. List of prizes available in the Program is published in the respective posters, which Partners are required to expose in his Outlets;
  2.  Principles for the exchange Punks for Prizes and rules for the provision Prizes are subject to such conditions and restrictions which are contained in the materials Outlets Partners presented in accordance with these Regulations;
  3.  Duties and Responsibilities of Partner associated with Prizes are limited to ensuring the delivery or the possibility of receiving awards on the principles laid down in the Regulations of the Programme;
  4.  Prizes information (including photos, descriptions and parameters) presented on the poster, only indicate the type of Prizes and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code;
  5.  In the event that lack ordered by the Participant Award revealed only after placing an order at a particular prize, the Participant will be informed of this fact and may decide whether to choose another prize with an approximate point value;
  6.  Point values??Similar Prizes offered participants in subsequent editions poster & may differ from each other. At the time of emergence of a new edition of the Poster, we offer prizes with the previous poster expires while in period of 30 days from the date of publication of the new version of the poster at the partners, the Participant has the right to redeem Rewards Points at appropriate under the existing rules;
  7.  If the prize is made to a Participant who is a natural person not engaged business, the Partner will charge a flat-rate tax for the benefit of the person in accordance with the Law on income tax from individuals before issuing awards (pursuant to Art. 21 paragraph. 1 pkt.68 Act on income tax from individuals, tax-free winnings value - if the individual value of these prizes or prizes does not exceed 760 zl). Tax payment by the Participant to the account of the Partner as a tax payer is a condition for granting Awards Participant. Failure to pay the tax within 10 days from the date of your choice awards will be considered as resigned from receiving the Prize. In the event of Awards Participant, who is an entrepreneur running a business, the Partner will not charge flat-rate tax. The entrepreneur takes into account the value of the awards in income to taxation in respect of their activities;