Changing the Points

  1. The prize can be received only by a registered participant. The exercise of rights arising from the accumulated points is possible only with the use of active cards;
  2. The participant is entitled to exchange accumulated points for Prizes, since the granting of points on the Participant's Account unless he has accumulated enough points needed to receive his choice awards;
  3. Points collected by the Participant may be replaced by a registered participant solely on the awards presented on the current Poster that, under the conditions specified therein;
  4. To replace the points on the Prize, the registered participant should indicate Award and collect it directly in the outlet Partner, in which it was registered card of a participant;
  5. In order to identify the participant, the employee facility Partner has the right to ask while receiving the awards have questions about Participant's personal data contained in the database. If the Participant refuses to provide the requested information or the information did not agree with the information contained in the database, Partner may refuse to perform the contract award;
  6. Partner reserves the right to verify the participant's identity document when receiving by the Participant Prize. Employee facility Partner may make the issue of the compatibility Awards name and date of birth contained in an identity document with the above data indicated Participant in accordance with clause VIII.1 hereof;
  7. Acceptance of the Prize to the Participant, the number of points corresponding to the collected Prize, indicated on the poster, will be deducted from the state of the Participant's Account;
  8. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash;
  9. Points cannot be exchanged for awards in conjunction with a premium in cash;
  10.  Upon receipt Awards Participant shall sign the acknowledgment of receipt Awards;
  11.  When receiving the Awards Participant is obliged to check whether the delivered Award for visible damage, whether it’s quantitative and qualitative parameters comply with the product specifications (eg. The number of elements that make up the product). The participant is also obliged to check when receiving awards completeness of the documents (manuals, warranty cards, especially for the Awards, which were issued to the Participant with the card manufacturer's warranty - should pay attention to whether the annexed documents are written in Polish; if not, should be reported immediately to the employee Partner). Participants shall also check whether he agrees to the quantity Award by him;
  12.  In case of visible damage awards or qualitative or quantitative non-compliance, the Participant shall promptly (during reception) report this fact to the issuing employee Partner Award. In such a situation, the client has the right not accept Awards;