Collection Points

  1. Partner acknowledges Points Participant for the purchase of goods or services covered by the Programme Participant made by using the Loyalty Card registered only in a given partner; 
  2. The exercise of rights arising from the points collected by the Participant is only possible with the use of active cards. Points can be exchanged for awards only by the holder of the registered cards; 
  3. Partners have the exclusive right to determine which goods or services are the goods or services covered by the Programme, and determining the number of points awarded to the Participant's Account for their acquisition; 
  4. Principles of awarding points for the purchase of certain goods and establishes Partner Services; 
  5. Information about the rules for granting Points, goods or services covered by the Programme is available at Outlets Partners; 
  6. In the case of extending opportunities to earn Points in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations Partner shall notify the Participants via the information material relating to such programs available in Partner institutions; 
  7. points a condition for granting the ceremony by its Charter Program Participant employee in the Partner outlet before Participant will acquire the product or service covered by the program (prior to closing). A later entry points on the basis of receipts or other evidence of the transaction is not possible; 
  8. Points will be awarded to the Participant's Account in time, as far as possible, 24 hours after the purchase of goods or services covered by the Programme; 
  9. Points are awarded only on condition that Participant in the Partner outlet full payment for goods or services only in the following ways: cash, bank payment card; 
  10.  Points will not be awarded if the participant uses the purchase discount other than that provided in the program, unless the Rules of the Programme, which provided This is a discount, provides otherwise; 
  11.  When it is confirmed that the points have not been validly issued or granted, the Partner will be entitled to cancel the appropriate number of points in a given Participant's Account. A partner may also withhold awards for a period not exceeding 30 calendar days if there is a presumption that the points have been issued or granted by mistake or without making a purchase of goods or services covered by the Programme; 
  12.  Points cannot be exchanged for cash; 
  13.  Points will be deducted from the Account Participant by the Partner if the participant returns the Partner acquired goods or services covered by the Programme for which were awarded points and will receive a refund of the value of those goods or services. In this case, the participant is obliged to hand Card Loyalty Partner Sites SPAR employee to deduct from the Participant's Account of the previously authorized points; 
  14.  Participant is entitled to receive the outlet Partner status information Participant's Account and information on points awarded or deducted from your Account Participant; 
  15.  Points collected by the Participant shall be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of granting the Participant's Account. After this date, any points not exchanged for awards under these Rules, expired; 
  16.  Any objections to the amount of accumulated points (added or subtracted) participant is obliged to report in the Partner outlet where purchased for. Complaints will be dealt with on the basis of cash receipt or invoice proving the transaction with the Charter of the Participant; 
  17.  does not represent the Goods within the meaning of the Rules of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.