1. The basis for the complaint received Awards is the Participant's acknowledgment of receipt of the employee facility Partner Awards; consequently, the participant is obliged to keep this document for the duration of the warranty period Awards;
  2.  In the case of the Awards, which were issued to the Participant with the manufacturer's warranty, the Participant shall report the complaint awards to the service by providing it with the card manufacturer's warranty conquered by Outpost Partner, which gave rise to this Prize and Prize Acceptance Confirmation (must be correct and complete fulfillment of the above documents - data store, store stamp, data Participant, date of the prize, specifications Awards: make, model, serial number and description of the damage). Conditions for handling complaints w / the Prize are described in detail in the express warranty manufacturers. The list of authorized service centers is indicated for the manufacturer’s warranty cards;
  3.  In the case of defects of other prizes, the participant declares complaint Partner Branch, which received the award.
  4.  The participant is obliged to provide defective Partner Award to the facility or service manufacturer in original packaging with all safety components; Advertised goods should be clean;
  5.  Partner Award spending Participant having a warranty card manufacturer is obliged to raise the stamp of your facility. On the warranty card, you must enter the date of the Awards;