Gift Card

About The Co-branded Gift Card

Continuing with the legacy of introducing innovation in the retail industry over the past 27 years, SPAR feels privileged to introduce the Plastic Gift Card. The Plastic Gift Card is very similar to a debit / credit card in terms of look and feel. SPAR Plastic Gift Card can be used in POS of any SPAR Park n Shop store across Nigeria.

Non Co-branded Gift Cards are readily available across all SPAR Park n Shop stores, whereas customization of Gift Cards with Logo / Company name requires 3 - 7 days from the date of placing confirmed orders.

Walk-in to any SPAR Park n Shop store to purchase SPAR Gift Cards

Better Than Traditional Gifting

Traditional Gifting practices involve selecting gift items, procured from various sources and also spending on logistic cost in terms manpower, money & time. All of these can be quite a hassle for any organization or individual.

Secondly, the receiver may or may not actually appreciate the gift item. Picking up a relevant gift which matches with the liking, requirement or need of the receiver is actually a big challenge.

Whereas, "Park n Shop SPAR Gift Card" gives a hassle free Gifting solution with the built in flexibility for the receiver to choose from a wide variety of products namely Electronics, White Goods, Laptop, Printers, Furniture, Supermarket, Bakery, Butchery, Fresh and Lifestyle products like Watches, Perfumes and Jewellery etc.

Benefits of the Gift Card

  • Can be customized with your Brand/ Company Logo
  • Can be loaded with any amount
  • Can be used across all SPAR Park n Shop stores
  • Can be used against any kind of purchase in SPAR Park n Shop stores
  • Can be used for multiple transactions
  • More secured than the Paper Gift Vouchers
  • No Extra Charge

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