SPAR Reward Card

  1. Loyalty Card SPAR used to identify the participant in the Program and registration points earned by the Participant.
  2. Each card has a number assigned to a particular Programme Participant of the Charter submitted by the Participants for registration in the register are assigned to the names of individual Participants Partner within 72 hours of submission of the relevant participant correctly completed Registration Form;
  3. The card is valid until further notice, throughout the duration of the program SPAR 'Loyalty Card';
  4. Each participant in the Partner outlet may have only one active card entitling to calculate points and exchange them for awards. In case the Participant in the Partner outlet has more than one card active registered, the Partner is entitled to revoke all cards that participant in the Affiliate Branch, which means canceling stored on the Tabbed SPAR Point Programme 'Loyalty Card';
  5. Released Participant card is not transferable and remains the property of the Partner;
  6. SPAR Loyalty Card is not a credit card, ATM or payment;
  7. SPAR Loyalty Card is issued to the Participant without downloading from this fee. Charter can handle any participant or a person who is authorized by him (excluding employees working in the Outlets Partners). It is presumed that the person presenting the card Loyalty Program Participant SPAR is or has been authorized by the Participant to use the Card. By providing a Customer Card SPAR another person, the Participant undertakes to inform her about the conditions of the Program and these Rules;
  8. It is unacceptable to transfer the Participant points from their cards on the Charter of another Participant;
  9. In the case of adoption by the personnel facility Partner doubt as to the use by the Participant of the Charter, it can be stopped. In this case, use of the card during the transaction will be withheld until the clarification of doubts. If the doubt will concern registered cards, Partner shall notify this fact to the participant, asking for their explanation. In other cases, doubts will be clarified after the personal notification to the Participant that owns the card;