Terms of Accession

  1. The condition of the SPAR program "Loyalty Card" is to fill in a complete, clear and truthful Registration Form and submitting it to the Partner outlet;
  2. Participation in the Program and provide related to the participation of personal data is voluntary;
  3.  Providing personal data is voluntary but necessary for participation in the Program;
  4. Participants may join the program at any time of its duration;
  5. Prior to the Programme Participant is obliged to refer to the Rules of the available along with the registration form. Signature submitted on the registration form participant confirms acquainted with the Rules of the Programme and accepts its provisions;
  6. By submitting signature on the registration form participant agrees to the storage and processing by the Organizer and partner indicated in the Registration Form, for the Program, your personal information appearing on the registration form; The participant also authorizes Partner to share their personal data to and allow them to store and process personal data for the purposes of the Programme;
  7. The registration form is available at Outlets Partners and on the www.spar.pl;
  8. Registration forms filled illegible or incomplete and unsigned forms or without registration Loyalty Card number will not be recorded;
  9. Participant's personal data processing takes place in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection;
  10. The participant has a right to inspect the contents of their data and request their update or delete through a written request to the Partner;
  11. The participant shall immediately notify the Partner of any change of their personal data and shall bear all the consequences of the absence of such notice;