Freezer Buying Guide (All you need to Know)

Before you shop for a freezer, you have to decide what kind of freezer you want. Looking at a whole lots of factors, this post can help you make the best decision in buying your freezer. Relax and be informed with this buying guide.

Factors to consider when you want to buy a freezer.

1. Decide the type of Freezer you want

2. Size

3. Space

4. Cost

5. Amount of use

6. Defrost option

7. Energy Rating and Efficiency

8. Blackout Performance

9. Other features

Factors to Consider When Buying a Freezer

To gain a clear picture of what you want in a freezer, it helps to have an idea of what your options are. These are some of the most important factors to consider in your search and features to be on the lookout for.

There are basically 2 types of freezers on the basis of their architecture: Chest freezers and Upright freezers.

i. Chest freezers: A chest freezer has inner compartment that allows it to accommodate any type and size of food and other stuff. It has more storage and usable space. Items can remain frozen for more than 2-3 days if you do not open the lid frequently.

Chest freezers has broad space and 2 or more wired baskets to help organize your items.

A major disadvantage of a chest freezer is that when there are too many contents in a chest freezer, you may have to move so many things around to find what you’re looking for. This may be difficult given how frozen the contents might be.

ii. Upright freezers: This is longer in length and smaller in width. Upright freezers are better designed with well internally organized layers (with drawers, shelves and compartments).

Upright freezers have less storage capacity. It cannot accommodate large, odd-shaped items or long items well like the chest freezers.

Major advantage is that you can easily locate or pull out an item without scattering things like the chest freezers.

They are more expensive and do not deep freeze like the chest freezer.

Consider the need requirement for the freezer. Size and capacity are major important considerations for many freezer buyers. Before planning on buying, you must have an idea of quantity of what you want your freezer to hold so as to get one with the proper capacity for your needs.

Certain persona questions to ask yourself

  1. Look at your lifestyle.

  2. Are you married or single?

  3. If married, do you have a large family?

  4. Do you use your kitchen daily or only on weekends?

  5. Are you the type that likes to store lots of items like tomatoes, pepper (large quantity), meat, fish, ice creams and so on all in bulk or do you keep little items?

After asking yourself these questions, you can decide on the type of freezer you want.

This depends on the floor or spacing available in the house or where you wish to make use of the freezers. Ensure to take a careful evaluation of the space available for a freezer you wish to buy or use before shopping.

Cost plays a role in the acquisition of any gadget. You must have a budget planned for buying the freezers. The cost of a freezer depends on the technological options (like: automatic defrost) it offers.

Upright models usually cost more than chest freezers and use more energy, so know that you’re paying a premium for convenience if you choose an upright freezer.

It is important to know the frequency of usage before buying a freezer.

Questions like:

How often you go shopping?

How many people will be using the freezer?

What is your eating habits look like?

To mention but a few. Families that like keeping meat or fish would like to make sure their freezer fits this need.

There are many factors that come into play in determining the amount of use a freezer is likely to get.

It’s smart to choose a size and type that will accommodate your highest level of need so you don’t end up buying one that still falls short when you need it most.

Any time your freezer develops a buildup of ice around the edges, its efficiency will decrease unless you defrost it. Defrosting can done either automatically or manually.

Defrosting your freezer manually isn’t funny at all – You temporarily remove everything and waiting for the ice to melt, and then cleaning the freezer before you put things all back in.

Automatic defrosting freezers save you the time and trouble. They usually cost more, are louder, and are more prone to freezer burn than manual defrost models, but they offer greater convenience and improved energy efficiency.

Freezers need constant power supply for it to function properly. That means they’ll be using a lot of energy 24/7. Choose an energy efficient freezer that can help save cost.

Look for energy Star rate freezers that performs well in terms of energy use.

This refers to how long a freezer will keep items cold during a power outage. For most consumers, this is not a problem in their buying decision, but having the right freezer can make a big difference when it does. A freezer with a good blackout performance can save you from spoilt, smelly food and stress of cleaning.

Chest freezers have been known to have the best blackout performance. If you find yourself in areas where there is regular power failures, a chest freezer’s your best option.

Other features you may need to consider are:

  • Freezer locks

  • Soft freeze: This is for ice cream lovers. It’s a section specifically for ice cream that keeps it at just the right temperature.

  • Dial thermostat: A dial thermostat helps to regulate the temperature of the freezer.

  • Combination refrigerator/freezer: For those that have varieties of item storage, a freezer that lets you switch between temperature settings for a refrigerator and freezer is your best bet.

SPAR Nigeria has this guide made to help those who might be in need of freezers to buy without stress as they would be able to know what they are looking for when making their buying decision on choice of freezers. Kindly share to help others know more and make a good freezer buying decision.

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