How to Buy a Power Generator? – Petrol or Diesel Engines

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

In recent times, the demand for electric power has incessantly increased. Power holding companies are having a hard time meeting up with the power demand of people in the country. Hence, the need for alternative source of power.

Hence, the Generator - The monotonous loud grind you hear everywhere and is practically synonymous with the hustle and bustle of our vibrant cities and just blends into the background. Sure, they're not the ideal noise to hear all day, but they do serve an important purpose in powering homes when the grid isn't up to the task. But what should you be looking for in a generator?

Understand there is a portable type of generator and the installed type.

Do you intend to buy an electric power generator?

Are you wondering which brand of generator to buy?

Are you confused on which or what to consider before buying a generator for your home, small, and large business?

SPAR Nigeria has come up with some guides to help you make quick pick and buy on the go with relative ease.

We have to make mention that generators, though useful, are not great for the environment. There are alternate sources of energy to consider, such as solar panels for powering homes and factories.

These, of course, do require a large up-front investments and take longer to recuperate your capital, but if you need a quick solution to your power generation needs, then a generator is probably your best bet.

Do you wish to power a building or a room? are you planning to power certain equipment or appliances but don't know how to make a choice? Then this post will give you useful insight on how to make a choice from your convenience. Here are a few things to consider at a glance.

When you plan to buy a generator, you need to anticipate the power need for your generator. What are the appliances you want the generator to power. To help you, simply look at all the load in your home or office by noting the power

For instance, do you need to power a pumping machine, printer, air conditioning units, iron, cooker? The more appliances needed, the bigger the power generator set you'll need.

A simplified way will be to jot down the appliances and their power rating which may be found on the appliances body. Say you wish to buy for your home.

  1. Television (150w)

  2. DVD player/decoder (80w)

  3. Game (120w)

  4. Freezer (400w)

  5. Energy efficient lamp bulb (36w) X number of bulbs = 36 x number of bulbs

  6. Air conditioner (1500w) 2hp

  7. Number of electric fans (160w)x n

  8. Personal computer with peripherals (550w)

Adding all these together will help you get the total wattage you need. hence, you can now check for a generator that can give you the required power to power your appliances.

Other things to note in power

· Output Voltage: This is the value of voltage supplied by the generator set. This should be between 210v to up to 250 volts for generators in Nigeria, in some countries it will be 110V or 120V

· Rated Power: The load that the generator can supply under normal operations. It is the power that a generator can produce for long periods of time. This rating is in KVA or VA or W. KVA simply means 1000 VA. Hence, a 2.2 KVA generator is the same as 2200 VA while a 950 VA is the same as 0.95 KVA. Note "it is important you buy generators with higher rated power above your need.

· Maximum Power: This is the maximum load or power the generator can carry over a very short period (less than 30 minutes). A generator should never be operated at its MAXIMUM power output for more than 30 minutes. Note that although generators can carry load up to maximum power, we recommend you operate generators within rated power.

· Rated Output frequency: this tells you the frequency of your generators output voltage. In Nigeria it is rated 50Hz. It is recommended to buy within rated frequency similar to public power supply.

You may be wondering why this is to be considered as a factor in choosing a generator. You need to know the type of fuel that will be required by the generator. Ensure that the fuel type is available when needed. The two types of fuel are 1. Diesel type and 2. Petrol type.

Most high power generators use diesel or gas.

Diesel engine generators though have more efficiency than petrol power generators. It is known to have 25% efficiency when compared to petrol generators

Fuel Tanks Larger fuel tanks provide longer uninterrupted run times.

It is important to understand how the generator starts. Some are automatic and others are manual.

Automatic Start When the power goes off, the generator goes on—without you lifting a finger. This is great for hospitals or places where there is an emergency or operational need.

Electric Start This involves either the use of push-button or the pull alternative to starting the generator engine. Cost can also be a deciding factor in choosing which type of generator to select and use.

When you wish to buy a generator, ensure you know the type of engine oil it uses and how you can apply it when needed.

A small genset like the Tiger gen (i better pass my neighbor) requires you to mix the engine oil with the petrol (gasoline) in ratio 1:50. But this is confusing as many users do not have a metric to measure or mix them.

For Generators of 1kva and above, there is a seperate oil tank and as such you do not need to mix.

Sometimes you may need a particular type of generator but have no space to accommodate it. It is ideal you put this into consideration before you buy. Consider the available space for operating and keeping the generator.

Money has always been an integral factor in choice of purchase of anything in life. Understand that the better or more sophisticated an item or gadget is, the higher the price. Better and higher standard generators come with higher prices.

Now that you know what you want it is now time to find out how much it will cost you to acquire your desired generator.

At SPAR Nigeria, we know and understand this factor and have come up with plans to help you get your dream generators all at affordable prices. When you visit our stores, you will get all the help from our sales rep and good customer service.

Whatever features of your desired generator you wish to sacrifice due to price, do not compromise with the power rating of your generator.

Note that overload is the most popular cause of break down in power generators, prevent it so as not to incur repair cost.

Generator Brands: Elepaq, Haier Thermocool, Sumec, Tiger, Elemax, Sumec Firman, Honda, Tec, Senci, Hyundai, Parsun, Yamaha, Tigmax, & so on.

For industrial generators you have Mikano, Lister, Perkins, Cummins, FG Wilson, Kipor, etc to choose from

Visit SPAR outlets nationwide and get the best. Be assured of quality and brand integrity. We offer generators with premium warranty.

We hope this article was helpful and informative, and that you know a little bit more about how generators work and what to consider when buying one.

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