Know Your Red Wine

Are you planning for a party or event? Do not know what kind of wine to grace our occasion? well this post will help you with all the knowledge you need to know on choice of wine.

Red wine is a type of wine made from dark-colored grape varieties. The actual color of the wine can range from intense violet, typical of young wines, through to brick red for mature wines and brown for older red wines as defined by wikipedia.

Red wines are often classified as “Body type” This refers to the mouth-feel and tannin structure. It can be said to be the texture or weight of a wine in the mouth

There are three body type of wines which are

  1. Light bodied

  2. Medium Bodied

  3. Full bodied

This has fewer tannins presence on the palate. These wines tend to be less demanding partners with flavor-filled foods. It makes this style of wine a great choice for those just getting into red wine.

Example of a light-bodied red wine are Beaujolais Nouveau which is brewed in Beaujolais region of France.

Other varieties of light bodied wine are: Lambrusco, Gamay, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, St. Laurent, Cinsaut (cinsault), Pinotage, Primitivo, Grenache, Nebbiolo, Blaufränkisch (Lemberger), Counoise

Red wine will contain more tannins than the light bodied. These red wines are the quintessential food wine because they have balanced tannin and moderate acidity.

Here are the varieties of wines classed as medium bodied wine:

Grenache/Garnacha, Valpolicella Blend, Carménère, Carignan, Cabernet Franc, Mencía, Sangiovese, Negroamaro, Barbera, Merlot, Zinfandel/Primitivo, Montepulciano

Full-bodied wines have a rich, complex, well-rounded flavor. It has the the highest tannin. This comes from a combination of elements, including alcohol, extract, glycerol, and acid and flavor that lingers in the mouth.

Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blan, Cabernet and French Bordeaux

The types of wines available i dependent on the three styles of wines explained above. The variances are listed below.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a widely planted grape found all over the world. The amazing feature of this wine is that it can stay in bottles for longer periods.

It has been observed by some to have a bit of herbal

Drink with: just about any meat, especially if it's fatty. A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon wine would be delicious with almost any kind of meal as well as spices.

This type of wine is also known as Shiraz. It is one of the darkest red wine available in the market and made from Syrah grapefruit. Syrah wine is a full bodied red wine and has flavours like berries, pepper, tobacco and smoked meat.  this wine goes very well with steak beef.

This is among the worlds' most popular red wine after the cabernet sauvignon. It is soft, ripe and has an elegant taste. Merlot red wine can be categorized as a light bodied wine and has variance flavours range from currant, black cherry, rose, violet and plum. This can go with any kind of meal.

Zinfandel is a medium bodied red wine and its taste varies as it is based on where it's grown. Zinfandel flavours are jam, blueberry, black pepper, cherry and cranberry. Zinfandel pairs well with barbecued meats and pizza. Drink with: barbecued meats, pizza and pasta dishes.

Malbec is made from the purple grape variety which gives the wine an inky dark colour.

It has a French origin, most of the world's Malbec is produced in Argentina. It's another crowd-pleaser. It can be classed as a full bodied wine.

Drink with: meat-based meals, or spicier food like Mexican or Indian meals.

This is a wine suitable for romantic occasions. It is made from pinot noir grapes. Pinot Noir is delicate and fresh and it is categorized as light bodied wine. Pinot noir flavours are cherry, strawberry, raspberry, tomato and rose petal.

Drink with: salmon fish, chicken and sushi rolls and so on.

Sangiovese wines is a dark-berried vine that feels weird to your mouth, as the acids will make it water and the tannins will stick to the sides. It has a wide range of tastes from very earthy and rustic - as is the case with many Chianti Classico – to round and fruit-forward.

Drink with: pizza and pasta.

Vegetarians Delight!

Pair Sangiovese wine with vegetarian fare, take with lipids like butter and olive oil so that the richness in the fat helps cut through the wines’ tannins. Also, use less sugar on braised or roasted veggies to ensure the wine tastes fruitier.

Now you can start your wine shopping equipped with all this information, you can be assured you will be making a better choice. Drop your comments and observation below.

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