Reasons to Own a Smart TV

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Getting or shopping for a new television can be daunting; so many options, so many specs. What should you be looking out for? But first, let's ask ourselves, What is a Smart TV and why should we be thinking about one?

A Smart TVs operates more like smartphones. The main reason people are shifting over to smart TV's is because they offer internet connectivity and support a wide range of Apps. The rise of online content streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, iRoku, and others are easily accessible through your Smart TV without the need for a laptop or tablet.

Like smartphones, your smart TV gives you the ability to browse the internet. You can easily go online, access a game and play online games without the need to connect to a gaming device. This is ideal for game lovers.

Gone are the days people use the old fashion box type television made from cathode ray tubes (CRT). Recent Televisions are made with sleek designs. Think about the size of your room. How far away is your viewing area from the wall? That's usually a good yardstick to measure how big of a TV you should be getting.

There are various screen types and TV resolutions available today, and are important to understand. HD Ready televisions are designed to display content that offers a picture resolution of 720p. The 720p refers to the number of horizontal lines that the TV can show, meaning a full screen resolution of 1280 pixels wide by 720 high (1280 x 720). If this isn't making any sense - stick with us. It will over time. We've got explanations on 1080p and HD 4K below

Full HD 1080p TVs have the potential to offer better picture quality, since they can display footage that has been developed in Full HD resolution. 720p TVs cannot display the enhanced picture quality of Full HD 1080p or Ultra HD 4K content due to their maximum resolution being too low, but they still deliver a decent enough picture quality for smaller rooms.

Finally, you've to the grand-master of the screen quality in HD 4K, which create images using 8.3 million pixels - that’s four times the amount of a Full HD 1080p screen! Another advantage of 4K television is that due to the incredible pixel density, you can sit much closer to it without noticing any pixilation than you would be able to with a Full HD 1080p or HD-Ready TV, so you can get really close to your TV without noticing any pixelation.

While it's definitely something to consider, it isn't the most important aspect of your TV choice. Every TV will have a bunch of different configurations and settings to change the sound output to suit your taste, and if that doesn't work, there are always affordable sound bars and other external sound systems that can be connected to your TV to enhance your experience.

That is why at SPAR Nigeria, we understand the impact of moving with the trends and have wide range of sophisticated gadgets and technological products available at different prices to suite every kind of budget.

If you consider buying a new TV and don't have any other devices that provide access to internet streaming content, then getting a smart TV is a good choice.

A smart TV is the way forward to comfort and is the future of TV and content viewing.

It's a lot of information to take in, so to help you make your decision a little easier, SPAR Nigeria recommends the below Smart TV models, which are available in our stores for you to test out and see what's right for you.

Just Smart (Full HD, Android HEVC, Sports Mode, PVR, Dolby , 10mm UltraSlim, Bluetooth, Smart, full Key board R/C, HDMi3, USB2)

Higher Smart (4K UHD,HDR, Dolby Audio, 9.9mm Slim, Metal, 1GB DDR + 8GB Flash, Bluetooth, Full Key Board Remote, HDMI-3, USB-2,Microdimming )

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