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While smartphones and tablets are popular, most people realize that everything from typing a research paper to crunching video to gaming works better on a laptop. Purchasing the right laptop can be a huge task as there are quite several features to look out for.

Before purchasing a laptop, the first question to ask yourself is, am I purchasing the laptop for personal or business use? As business use of laptops are different from personal. For example, a Web designers' need for laptop is different from that of a graphics designer, A Student need for laptop is also different from that of an individual who needs a laptop for gaming and movies.

If the need for the laptop is defined, it makes it easier to choose the right laptop that suit your needs.

This is a factor in choosing the specification of laptop to purchase. The specification of laptop is a factor of price, as the higher and better the spec of the laptop, the higher the cost

The Operating system should also be considered before purchasing a laptop. Examples of operating systems include Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, UNIX, LINUX, MaC OS X and the likes. The most flexible operating system, Windows, runs on more laptop models than Chrome OS or Mac OS X and all MacBooks come with Apple's desktop operating system, macOS.

The type of operating system you use determines the type of application that runs on it. For Mac users they cannot use Windows applications and vice versa. Also, a 32bit cannot use 64bit.

Another important factor when buying a laptop is the battery life. As there can be unexpected power outage or you might need to use your laptop where you are not close to a power source, looking for a laptop with good battery life is essential. A poor battery will have adverse effect on your work as system may go off while you are working on an important project with no power source nearby and this can be frustrating. We recommend you go for a laptop with a minimum 3hours battery life.

With regards to processors, a general guideline is to purchase the fastest that you can manage. Issue is, it is not all about speed nowadays.

There is also the question of how many cores you should get. Entry level these days is dual core, which will suit most people simply fine.

There are also triple-core and quad-core processors, but not all applications take advantage of this extra power. Some video-encoding applications, 3D applications and games will use them, though, so if you are a content-production maniac or a gamer, it will likely be worth investing in a quad-core machine. If you mainly just browse the internet, then dual core is perfectly fine.

This depends on the amount of space to store files. This is important as storage is needed for docs, videos, software, and other files. Most low-priced laptops come with 120gb HDD and this can be increased by buying a larger capacity and replacing the old one.

The Random-Access Memory (RAM) is a form of computer data storage that allows items to be read or written in almost same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data in the memory. RAM sizes range from 2Gb to as high as 16gb, but the common ones are the 4gb and 8gb RAM. A 2gb RAM is adequate for low system users that just watch movies or surf the net.

But for those who do much more such as graphics designer, architects, video editors they require a higher RAM of 4GB to 8GB RAM size for optimum performance. One good thing is that low RAM size can be upgraded by simply increasing the RAM size.

If you want a laptop with the latest and greatest connectivity options, find one with Wi-Fi 6 support. Wi-Fi 6 offers increased theoretical throughputs and a more stable connection than 802.11ac also consider buying a laptop with Bluetooth 5, the latest standard that offers improved connectivity with Bluetooth-enabled devices, like headphones.

For ports, some laptops need adaptors to connect and this is not advisable as without such adaptors you may not be able to carry out such tasks. We recommend getting a laptop with a couple of USB 3.0 ports.

Other useful connections include SD card slots, headphone jacks and Ethernet ports

This depends on the amount of space to store files. This is important as storage is needed for docs, videos, software and other files. Most low-priced laptops come with 120gb HDD and this can be increased by buying a larger capacity and replacing the old one.

Your laptop is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Top brands in terms of designs, value and selection brands like HP, Apple, Dell top the list while for gaming laptops, MSI, Acer and Alienware lead the way.

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